Technology Overview

Oxygen deprivation at the cellular level (“hypoxia”) is the result of rapid tumor growth, causing the tumor to outgrow its blood supply. Cancerous tumor cells actually thrive on hypoxia, as the resultant changes in the tumor microenvironment confer “treatment resistance” to radiation and chemotherapy treatments within the hypoxic cancerous cell.

Mechanism of Action: TSC’s unique re-oxygenation capabilities derive from its novel mechanism of action, promoting enhanced diffusion of oxygen through the blood plasma and into the hypoxic tumor microenvironment.

Cancer DNA damage cause by radiation made permanent by the prescenece of oxygen

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TSC Re-Oxygenates Hypoxic Tissue

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Oxygen levels of normal tissue remain unaffected, thereby avoiding the introduction of additional harmful side effects. Disruption of the treatment-resistance syndrome by re-oxygenation promotes enhanced cancer killing power from standard radiation and chemotherapy treatments, thereby safely extending survival.