Enhancing Oxygen,
Fueling Life
Targeting Treatments for Hypoxia

Improving Oxygen Availability

Novel Mechanism of Action

Lead drug candidate Trans sodium crocetinate (TSC) enhances the oxygen diffusion process, supporting normal, physiologic levels of oxygen diffusion at uptake and delivery.

Selective for Hypoxic Tissue

In animal models, TSC’s mechanism of action enhanced oxygen availability to hypoxic tissue without oversupplying normoxic tissue.

Demonstrated Safety Profile

TSC has been safe and well tolerated in over 200 subjects dosed in prior preclinical and clinical studies.


Lead drug
candidate, Trans sodium
crocetinate (TSC)

We are developing our lead product, TSC, to enhance the diffusion of oxygen to tissues with low oxygen levels, also known as hypoxia, a serious complication of many of medicine’s most intractable and difficult-to-treat conditions.


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