Enhancing Oxygen,
Fueling Life
Targeting Treatments for Hypoxia
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals

Improving Oxygen Availability
to Vital Organs

A Treatment for Life-Threatening Conditions Related to Hypoxia

Novel Mechanism of Action

Lead drug trans sodium crocetinate (TSC) enhances the availability of oxygen by improving diffusion through the blood.

Selective for Hypoxic Tissue

TSC’s mechanism of action enhances oxygen availability to hypoxic tissue without oversupplying normoxic tissue.

Attractive Safety Profile

TSC has been safe and well tolerated in completed preclinical and clinical studies.


Potential treatment
of COVID-19

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals is actively evaluating trans sodium crocetinate (TSC)’s potential to improve the availability of oxygen in patients with COVID-19, building upon data from prior clinical studies in peripheral artery disease and glioblastoma multiform (GBM) brain cancer.

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