Company Overview

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals offers an exciting new approach to the treatment of those life-threatening diseases where cellular oxygen deprivation (known as “hypoxia”) is a key factor. This lack of oxygen is given different names, usually linked to the location of the oxygen deficiency.


Oxygen deprivation in the brain is a stroke; in the heart it’s a heart attack; in the legs, it’s peripheral arterial disease; systemically it may be respiratory.  Lack of oxygen in a cancerous tumor causes something called treatment resistance.  But wherever it is located and whatever it is called, the lack of oxygen in the human body carries severe consequences which may quickly become deadly.


Our lead drug, trans sodium crocetinate, ( or TSC) directly targets the oxygen-deprived micro-environment of affected tissue by a novel mechanism of action. For example, in our currently enrolling Phase 3 trial in inoperable GBM brain cancer TSC is being used to restore oxygen to oxygen-deprived tumor tissue, making the tumor more vulnerable to the cancer-killing power of radiation and chemo.


In our Phase 2 clinical trial of TSC in acute stroke, we are collaborating with UCLA and the University of Virginia on an innovative trial design which will allow in-ambulance administration of TSC, saving precious time following the stroke, when the absence of oxygen may be killing literally millions of brain cells per minute.