About Us

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals is developing a new kind of treatment for hypoxia, a potentially fatal shortage of oxygen in tissue.

Oxygen is fuel for life. The constant uptake and delivery of oxygen within our body is necessary to sustain life whether at rest or under stress, in sickness and in health.

Our lead product candidate, TSC, is being developed to enhance the diffusion of oxygen to tissues with low oxygen levels, also known as hypoxia, a serious complication of many of medicine’s most intractable and difficult-to-treat conditions.

TSC was designed to enhance the level of organization among water molecules by increasing the amount of hydrogen bonding. This creates a less dense matrix of water molecules, reducing the resistance to oxygen diffusion across the concentration gradient. In animal models, this diffusion-enhancing mechanism of action has been observed to affect hypoxic tissue preferentially while avoiding excessive oxygen-related tissue toxicity, also known as hyperoxia.


TSC has been observed to be safe and well­-tolerated at most doses tested in over 200 subjects included to-date in our clinical studies.

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