Scientific Publications

Pre-clinical Data

Wang Y, Yoshimura R, Manabe H, Schretter C, Clarke R, Cai Y, Fitzgerald M, Lee KS (2014)

‘Trans-sodium crocetinate improves outcomes in rodent models of occlusive and hemorrhagic stroke’ Brain Research 1583:245-254

Manabe H, Wang Y, Yoshimura R, Cai Y, Fitzgerald M, Clarke R, Lee KS (2011)

‘Metabolic reflow as a therapy for ischemic brain injury. H. Feng et al. (eds.), Early Brain Injury or Cerebral Vasospasm, Acta’ Neurochirurgica Supplementum Vol. 110/2, DOI 10.1007/978-3-7091-0356-2_16

Sheehan J, Popp B, Monteith S, Toulmin A, Tomlinson J, Martin J, Cifarelli C, Lee DH, Park D (2011)

‘Trans sodium crocetinate: functional neuroimaging studies in a hypoxic brain tumor: Laboratory investigation’ J Neurosurg 115:749-753

Sheehan J, Cifarelli C, Dassoulas K, Olson C, Rainey J, Han S (2010)

‘Trans-sodium crocetinate enhancing survival and glioma response on magnetic resonance imaging to radiation and temozolomide: Laboratory investigation’ J Neurosurg 113:234-239

Lapchak PA (2010)

‘Efficacy and safety profile of the carotenoid trans sodium crocetinate administered to rabbits following multiple infarct ischemic strokes: a combination therapy study with tissue plasminogen activator’ Brain Research 1309:136-145

Manabe H, Okonkwo DO, Gainer JL, Clarke RH, Lee KS (2010)

’Protection against focal ischemic injury to the brain by trans-sodium crocetinate’ J Neurosurg 113:802-809

Sheehan J, Sherman J, Jagannathan J, Dassoulas K, Cifarelli C Olson C, Rainey J, Han S (2009)

‘Effect of trans sodium crocetinate on brain tumor oxygenation: Laboratory investigation’ J Neurosurg 111:226–229

Sheehan J, Ionescu A, Pouratian N, Hamilton DK, Schlesinger D, Oskouian RJ, Sansur C (2008)

‘Trans sodium crocetinate sensitizes glioblastoma multiforme tumors to radiation’ J Neurosurg 108:972-978.

Clinical Data

Gainer J, Sheehan J, Larner J, Jones D (2016)

‘Trans sodium crocetinate with temozolomide and radiation therapy for glioblastoma multiforme’ J Neurosurg JNS515-2693

Mohler, Gainer, Whitten, Eraso, Thanaporn, Bauer (2011)

‘Evaluation of trans sodium crocetinate on safety and exercise performance in patients with peripheral artery disease and
intermittent claudication’ Vasc Med October; 16(5): 346–353

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