Stroke Program

As announced at the International Stroke Conference earlier this year, we are partnering with Dr. Jeffrey Saver of UCLA and with the Dr. Karen Johnston of U of VA to study TSC in patients with acute stroke in the pre-hospital (ambulance) setting. In this study, TSC will be administered by trained ambulance-based paramedics within two hours of the onset of a suspected stroke, re-oxygenating cells in the area of the stroke, saving precious brain tissue and buying time before hospital based treatments can be started.  The FDA recently granted approval for this study to begin.

The Phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial, called PHAST-TSC, will enroll 160 patients, with 128 coming from 20 hospitals in the greater Los Angeles area and 32 patients from 3 central Virginia hospitals.  Half the patients will be randomized to receive TSC and half to placebo.  The primary end point will be mortality or patient neurological disability as measured by the modified Rankin scale administered 90 days after the stroke’s occurrence.